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Faucet Installation & Repair

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Expert Faucet Installation & Repair From Acute Plumbing, LLC

Acute Plumbing, LLC adds premium fixtures and offers professional repairs to keep your kitchen functional and cosmetically appealing. We believe in only the best service and materials for our clients, and we guarantee top-tier accommodations throughout our time perfecting your home. No matter the size of the project, our team is here to make your life easier with efficient and affordable installations and repairs for the benefit of your residential property. 


Contact Acute Plumbing, LLC today for expert faucet installation and repair services from our team of experts in Santa Ana, CA.

Improve Your Kitchen & Bathroom With Faucet Installation

As plumbing repair experts, we help our clients find the best faucets and fixtures for their kitchens, customizing and personalizing your cooking areas. We help bring your dream kitchen to life with helpful services, making kitchen faucet installation as simple as possible. 


We provide single-handle kitchen faucets that come with a pull-down sprayer, all made with stainless steel finishes for sleek, modern kitchen upgrades. Our team assembles and secures your faucets, connects your supply line, and performs leak tests to ensure the successful installation of your kitchen faucets.

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Faucet Repairs For Residential Clients in Santa Ana, CA

Acute Plumbing, LLC also specializes in faucet repairs for our local clients. We work tirelessly to make certain we leave your faucets better than we found them, meticulously installing and repairing your kitchen sink. 


Our kitchen faucet repair services include up to $20 in parts, and we assist with seat washer repair, packing, cartridges, and water supply shut-off services. Throughout the process, we ensure your faucets and plumbing are leak-free and functioning at peak performance. And once our services are finalized, we ensure your kitchen is clean and fully restored before we leave your home. 


Schedule your faucet repairs and installations with Acute Plumbing, LLC for reliable services from our local experts in Santa Ana, CA.

Discounts Available To Our Local Community

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Senior/Mature Adults (over 62) Receive 10% Off All Plumbing Services

Army Soldiers


Active Military Members Receive 20% Off All Plumbing Services

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UC Professors & Orange County Teachers Receive 15% Off All Plumbing Services


Contact the experts at Acute Plumbing, LLC

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